25 July 2009

Dublin Day 1: St. Stephen's Green & Temple Bar

(1am Dublin time)

Jacqui: We made it!

This is technically the end of the first day in Dublin, even though it's already tomorrow. Today we went to St. Stephen's Green and walked around the area surrounding it and Temple Bar. We ate in a little pub in Temple Bar area, and then sat outside the hotel U2 owns because there were cars out front that looked like they were taking people to the concert. They were, but it wasn't the band.

Then we needed a nap (which was much-needed) and had dinner at the hotel restaurant. I imagine it's pronounced like "ivy," but it's Iveagh. Then drinks in the hotel bar and now bed.

P.S. Not sure they know how to make a Long Island Iced Tea in Ireland. The bartender just poured a bunch of shots and some Coke into a glass that she squeezed about 10 lemon slices into. Dunno what that was about...

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