21 June 2008

Cruisin' Part 3: Cozumel

I LOVE Cozumel. Makes me sad I didn't have more time to see the rest of Mexico. Parts are more like a city and parts are so laid back.

Mayan temple

We began the day with a tour of Cozumel led by Moy, who was one of the best tour guides ever. We visited an old church that is right next to remains of a Mayan temple, and the differences were interesting to observe.

Tequila for sale


Another stop on the tour was a tequila farm, where they raise the agave plants and create tequila on-site. It's a long and interesting process between how clear and yellow tequila are made (it's an age thing), and there's a shop at the end where they sell all their products. Seeing Grandma take a free sample of tequila was worth the price of the tour!

For lunch, we went to a recommended restaurant from the tour guide and had authentic Mexican fajitas and margaritas. Then we spent the rest of the day at a not-so-authentic Mexican experience of Señor Frog's that was almost at the end of the dock. It was either that or spend time on the boat, and I'll take more time on the mainland any day.

The Whistle Lady

I've been to a Señor Frog's somewhere in the US once, and it was nothing like the one in Cozumel. This one is like a 24/7 college party with conga lines and people pouring drinks all over you (but aiming for your mouth). It was fun while you're there in it, but afterwards you're just sticky and gross. The worst part is that there's a woman here with a whistle who comes up to your table, pours a shot down your throat, fondles your boobs, and then charges you for it. What the crap? Maybe I'm getting too old for this. =P

19 June 2008

Cruisin' Part 2: Grand Cayman

 Well, we went to main Cayman Island today... There's not a thing to do. The whole island is 4 miles wide and 22 miles long, so there's not much to choose from. We started the day with a tour in a glass-bottom boat, where I got to take lots of underwater pictures of shipwrecks and fish without having the hassle of swimming and scuba gear.

Val posing with the Hell sign

Then we did a little tour that dropped us off at some interesting sites like the Hell post office, which was apparently the only thing in the town of Hell. I'm surprised they have multiple towns on such a small island. I picked up postcards that say "Greetings from Hell" from the post office, which I've been wanting to get as soon as I heard there was a place called Hell here.

We also visited a turtle farm where they raise sea turtles, and I got to hold one! Some of the turtles there were gigantic... I was surprised they got that big!

We'll be in Mexico tomorrow!

18 June 2008

Cruisin' Part 1: Haiti and Jamaica


Pit stop in Jamaica on our ATV drive

  We're leaving our second destination in Jamaica and on our way to the Grand Caymans. Val and I did waverunners yesterday in Haiti and ATVs today, so we feel like we've been riding horses for three days straight. We had some crappy luck with the ATVs though... She can't steer, I stalled my engine once, and because the woman in front of me needed a lesson on maintaining a constant speed I kept running into her. haha, I found someone that drives worse than me!!

I'm sitting here covered from head to toe in mud, blisters on my hands, and (somehow) only my right side sunburnt, but I couldn't be having more fun anywhere else. I'm about to shower though because I'm disgusting, and maybe then I'll be happier.

Anyways, you know how I love to ramble, so I'm gonna cut it off now before I say something really bad. Just a few parting thoughts for you:
  • Judging by the number of people I've seen covered in fur from neck to navel (and beyond), I'm positive we're descended from animals.
  • If the children are our future, our future is loud and obnoxious.
  • Val gave her number to a random Jamaican man. Jamaicans prefer blondes.