18 April 2014

Disney at Easter time

I've never been to Walt Disney World around Easter before because we typically go during Thanksgiving for the Christmas decorations. But I think Easter is just as wonderful a time to visit.

The Flower and Garden Festival is going on in Epcot, which is a beautiful, colorful spectacular of flowers and Disney-themed topiaries to be found all around the park. There are also special "outdoor kitchens" featured in the World Showcase where each country has even more food (and drink) options to try. Most of the food options are redeemable as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan, which is amazing because I was able to try things that cost almost $6 for free. Disney also provides a fun "passport" with all of the topiaries, gardens, and food options to try with a checklist and places for stamps you can acquire from each station. It made my competitive streak kick in and I tried to do everything, but only 2 days in Epcot wasn't enough time! I would have spent longer in Epcot this time around if I had known how much more there was to do.

Minnie egg hidden in plain sight

In addition to the Flower & Garden Festival, Epcot also has hidden Easter eggs featuring Disney characters all around the World Showcase. You can purchase an egg map with stickers, match the sticker to the egg's location, and bring the completed map back to the store for a prize. The prize was a small plastic version of one of the eggs you found on the hunt, but it was still something new and exciting to look for. Between the egg hunt, passport, and finding all the topiary places for the festival, I was in full scavenger hunting mode!

Another awesome Easter feature we found in the resorts was the edible egg creations made by Disney chefs. The Grand Floridian and Contemporary resorts had large displays with eggs over a foot tall decorated with painted Disney scenes, edible sculptures, and flowers that were truly amazing to behold (and smell!).

Egg selections from the Contemporary

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