19 June 2008

Cruisin' Part 2: Grand Cayman

 Well, we went to main Cayman Island today... There's not a thing to do. The whole island is 4 miles wide and 22 miles long, so there's not much to choose from. We started the day with a tour in a glass-bottom boat, where I got to take lots of underwater pictures of shipwrecks and fish without having the hassle of swimming and scuba gear.

Val posing with the Hell sign

Then we did a little tour that dropped us off at some interesting sites like the Hell post office, which was apparently the only thing in the town of Hell. I'm surprised they have multiple towns on such a small island. I picked up postcards that say "Greetings from Hell" from the post office, which I've been wanting to get as soon as I heard there was a place called Hell here.

We also visited a turtle farm where they raise sea turtles, and I got to hold one! Some of the turtles there were gigantic... I was surprised they got that big!

We'll be in Mexico tomorrow!

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